NASA Captures Large Eye of Hurricane Lane


NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold photographed a massive storm in the Pacific Ocean during a flyover from the International Space Station.  Arnold shared images on social media on Aug. 22, 2018, and wrote, “#HurricaneLane in the early morning hours near #Hawaii. The crew of the @Space_Station sends much aloha to everyone there.”

Image Credit: NASA/Ricky Arnold

NASA’s astronauts have been closely watching Hurricane Lane as it moves over Hawaii’s chain of islands.

NASA’s Terra satellite stared Hurricane Lane in the eye as it passed over the Central Pacific Ocean. Hurricane Lane continued to show a large eye surrounded by powerful storms. An infrared look by NASA’s Terra satellite provided temperatures of those storms, confirming strong, high thunderstorms capable of very heavy rainfall.

At the time of the station’s pass, Lane was a major hurricane packing winds of 155 miles an hour moving west-northwest on a track that would bring the storm close to or over the islands between Wednesday and Saturday.

Hurricane warnings and watches were posted by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu for the entire island chain.

Auteur de l’article : Pacific EyeWitness

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