We welcome stories and opinion pieces on Pacific perspectives and current affairs, particularly commentary and journalism offering a fresh or brave approach or challenge.  Depth, critical thinking and informed research are the hallmarks of what we’re looking for. Living in the Pacific region, we are particularly interested in independent journalism on the following topics:

  • health
  • education
  • environment and climate change
  • poverty and social entrepreneurship
  • women and children, family
  • human trafficking
  • immigration
  • culture and tradition
  • faith/religion
  • politics.

Your submission is welcome in an multimedia or online format.

By research, that’s not only academic research. It can also be observations and insights from life experiences, or professional experience and expertise. 


If You Decide to Submit, That’s Great! One More Thing.

Please submit a submission that has already been checked and proofed before sending.

Doublecheck and proof your copy one final time before it is sent.

Unfortunately, we have limited time to do that for you.


Tips for Written Submissions

1. Write clearly and simply. The goal is to make it easy for readers to understand.

1.a. Pace your writing and don’t forget the full stop. Avoid long rambling sentences, else that will confuse readers including us.

1.b. Be ruthless in editing your copy.

Experienced writers re-write and edit their copy more than once, again and again. No one’s perfect, but re-writing and good editing often improves copy.

Remember: the goal is to make it easy for people to read and understand the point of your story.

1.c. If you are unfamiliar with the professional writing review feedback, or take the non-fiction writing and editing process personally, then it is best that you first gain solid professional experience as a writer/journalist, before contacting us.

2. Clearly express your ideas, get to the point, articulate your perspective.

3. Back up what you write about with well researched evidence.

It could be your own empirical real world experience, or valid research studies, anecdotal evidence, and news coverage that you can link to. Add those links so that we can see too. #noFakeNews

4. Email us early, well in advance of your event or issue unfolding…say, weeks, a month or more, if you already know about it. That increases the chances of having it scheduled into our editorial planning, as we have very limited resources or time.

Please don’t wait until the night or two before your event to send us information/press release. That’s too late for us to plan time for it.

Again, our resources are limited. We do this work under significant time constraints and we’re not 24/7.


Please note: a submission doesn’t automatically mean that it will be published. We reserve the right to make that decision ourselves.

Ready to submit or have a story idea? Email: