Mate Ma’a Tonga: For Family, God and Country

Tonight, a love for country, God, and unbridled family love for Mate Ma’a Tonga will come together at Mount Smart Stadium.  That’s what you’re seeing around Auckland with the flags and sea of red.

A deep and abiding love for country, God and family, expressed through the support for Mate Ma’a Tonga. The intensity on the field from Tongan supporters will no doubt match the passion off the field from supporters around the world, and the 30,000 fans making their way to Mt Smart today. #FeverPitch

Official NRL News

The most anticipated international Rugby League match is SOLD OUT!

For the very first time, the World Champion Australian Kangaroos will take on the might of Mate Ma’a Tonga at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland on Saturday, October 20.

Be there for this history making clash between two international rugby league powerhouses.

Physicality, ferocity, fireworks and flags!

You don’t need to guess which side we’re cheering on.  #Pacific #Tonga #MateMaaTonga #BringItON. To go straight to the team line up for Australia and Tonga, scroll down to the end of the post.


Looking Back

Wednesday 10 October: Mate Ma’a Tonga arrived in New Zealand.

This morning we’ve uploaded videos of the moments when the Team arrived on the stage on Wednesday 10 October.  See the end of this post for those two videos. For now, we have posted those particular videos only on Youtube.


What a Welcome


The red sea of Tongan supporters waited patiently for hours for their number one Team.


The team were initially scheduled to arrive at the welcome venue at 5:30pm. They didn’t make it into the venue to see their supporters til closer to 8pm. For the supporters, that didn’t matter. It was worth the wait. This is video shot before camera battery lost all life.


Soon after Mate Ma’a Tonga arrived on the stage, supporters sung this hymn.


Who’s Playing Who Tonight?

Source: NRL

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