Hawaii’s Volcanic Haze/Smog Reaches Guam, Saipan, Northern Marianas

Hawaii’s volcanic haze produced by Big Islands’  active Kīlauea Volcano, erupting for almost a month, has reached the Northern Mariana Islands of Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan.

Carried along by the Pacific trade winds, the Guam’s National Weather Service has advised residents that winds are expected to continue bringing haze for the next few days.

Residents with respiratory health issues are warned to stay indoors and avoid going outdoors. But it is a caution that can apply to all residents, given this is air pollution.

Pilots and mariners are warned that the haze will reduce visibility in the area. It will be noticeable throughout the day and is expected to reduce later this week.

Rain is expected later this week which the Weather Service says will reduce the haze in the Marianas.

Note: photo shows Tuesday US Time – Wednesday New Zealand time, yesterday.

US National Weather Service Guam

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