Will Hawaii-Led Consortium be the Warriors New Owners?

New Zealand’s sports media headlines, most of them, are reporting that the Warriors will be sold to USA Hawaiian-led consortium fronted by Richard Fale.  That the ‘done deal’ is based on a verbal agreement.

The New Zealand Rugby League Team is presently owned by Eric Watson through his private investment firm, Cullen Investments.

Late last year, the Auckland Rugby League (ARL) reported that they had agreed a purchase price with Eric Watson to buy the Warriors. But in November, three weeks after reportedly agreeing  the price, that deal was off.  What’s to say that this reported verbal deal won’t end the same way?

25 October 2017
Exclusive – Auckland Rugby League Agree Asking Price for Warriors with owner Eric Watson

14 November 2017 
NRL: Auckland Rugby League pulls out of Warriors purchase

Auckland Rugby League Falls Short in Bid to Buy NZ Warriors

Then, in March, Fairfax Media Stuff publish this story after a Radio Live interview in which Richard Fale accuses Auckland Rugby League of deceitful business conduct, basically.

Fast forward to today: Easter Monday

Update this afternoon from Richard Fale on Facebook


Monday’s (Pacific NZ Time) Surprise Headline

Auckland Rugby League and Richard Fale’s consortium are presently the potential bidders for the Warriors, according to media reports.

Auckland Rugby League has already submitted its proposal to Eric Watson/Cullen Investments, according to Fairfax Media.

This is what Richard Fale had to say about his dealings with the Auckland Rugby League and its submission to the Warriors owner:

“We initially thought it was starting well, but then it seemed that they weren’t interested in partnering, they were more interested in dominating the discussion and acquisition.

“We had a confidentiality agreement that they violated and we find ourselves in a situation where they’ve re-entered the bidding and it seems to us that they’ve taken information that we have shared with them and used that to put together a new bid to re-enter the race for the Warriors. ” To read more, go to Stuff

The ARL deny Fale’s accusations.

The Hawaii-led Consortium were submitting their proposal in the weekend.  Then, the following New Zealand Herald headline appeared within a few hours of Stuff

This Morning’s Rebuttal to the ‘Done Deal’ . And so it begins…


Media reporting on the negotiations over the last week and especially the last 24 hours is certainly interesting.  It begs the question: what role do you think the latest media stories are playing into the negotiations to buy the Warriors? Who benefits from this kind of media coverage: the potential buyer(s) or the seller?

Fairfax Media Stuff: Yesterday’s Headline, Sunday 1 April

It has been reported that there are still disagreements between Richard Fale’s group and Cullen Investments on the purchase agreement to be worked out.

Looking at the reported track record on negotiations to buy the Warriors e.g. Auckland Rugby League – which pre-dates Richard Fale’s arrival on the scene – it suggests anything could happen.

Time will tell what is going on.

It certainly looks like a seller’s market right now.  This media coverage has the potential to attract more buyers to the table, rather than finalise the ‘done deal’.


A Unique Opportunity for Warriors if Hawaii-led Consortium Become New Owners


Watch Video (End  of this Post): Richard Fale on Newstalk ZB with Mike Hosking

“I’m just an island boy raised in the Pacific my entire life. I have a lot of family that have played professional sports both in rugby and the NFL…”

“There’s a core group of 12 and within that, there are 3 sets of brothers…and two…brothers that aren’t ready to come out and reveal themselves.”

“We know exactly what a championship culture looks like, what it takes to deliver success….”

“We don’t claim to be experts in the game by no means. That’s not our subject matter expertise. What we do know is what kind of environment that you need to foster to allow those who do specialise in the subject matter to deliver on those particular promises, or results.”


Selected March Coverage on Fale’s Negotiations with Eric Watson/Cullen Investments


New Zealand Interview with Richard Fale on 12th March 2018.


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