As US AirStrikes Begin, Syria Calls for Prayer; Civilian Casualties Reported

Syria news media is reporting civilian casualties in Damascus, said to be one of the targets of the joint military operations by the USA, France and the UK in what is called “precision strikes” to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities.


Earlier, a call to prayer went out across the Damascus city of Syria as the US – led military air strikes hit the city.

Video: Call to prayer begins over #Syria‘s capital #Damascus as anti-air missiles launch against #US#UK and #French cruise missiles. Source: Syria News.

Syria media is also reporting that the Syrian Army launched a counter attack against the reported 30 anti-air missiles launched at Syria. They also say that only 28 of the 30 US missiles reached their intended targets in Syria.

Syria News reported casualties soon after the bombings. However, Russia TV later reported that that the Syrian Government has said there were no casualties, but there were injuries:

One of the strikes targeted a scientific compound in Barzeh in the vicinity of Damascus, which the coalition claimed was involved in the production of chemical and biological weapons. The Syrian government said the bombing destroyed an education center and scientific laboratories, but resulted in no casualties.




Syria is also reporting that one of the US missiles has been taken out by Syria’s Army.


CNN Video – viewer discretion is advised

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